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Welcome to Lifetime Living, Inc.

Provider of Medicaid Waiver Programs

Home and Community-based Services (HCS)
Texas Home Living Program (TxHmL)

Certified by the TEXAS Department of Aging and Disability Services (DADS)

Our Mission is to offer the best services to individuals and families in order to meet their personal goals and achieve an excellent quality of life.

Lifetime Living, Inc. embraces all individuals and is dedicated to providing services with patience and sensitivity. We integrate our services with those provided by others in the community. We pride ourselves with our ability to provide professional services of the highest quality with our exemplary staff and our successful integration with community and institutional professionals. We strive to improve services and work to select the best qualified staff. Our goal is for members to feel comfortable and welcomed in our family.


Intellectual disabilities are non-curable intellectual impairments which affect the learning ability of an individual. People with an intellectual disability are slow learners and may also be impaired in their social adaptation. Impairment is permanent, but can be compensated through development of the person's full potential

Facts About Intellectual Disability:
Fact: There are over 7.1 million Americans with some form of intellectual/developmental disability. 1 in 10 families are affected.

Fact: Intellectual & Developmental Disabilities are found among all races and cultures.

Fact: On the average, 3% of the population has a developmental disability.

Fact: There are over 250 known causes of intellectual disabilities, but in one-third of the people affected, the cause remains unknown.

Fact: Intellectual Disability affects intelligence. Mental Illnesses are biologically based brain disorders. The two are not the same.

Serving The Greater South Texas

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